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EMF Media, specializes in creative work within the music industry, ranging from album art for artist/label releases to branding projects and event creatives.


Started in 2013 by me, Ellison Fernandes, the creative mastermind behind this vast portfolio, decided to pursue my interests in album art. An interest that stemmed from years of collecting cassettes and CDs for not only great music but also the most craziest artworks that came along. The rest of it is what you see now!


I believe in providing top quality work. Going all out to ensure that what I deliver will be great artwork that compliments your release, brand or event, without any compromise. There are no boundaries when it comes to a particular genre of music. Along with creating good art, I also encourage new talents and connect creative networks in the music business. I believe in creating and fostering good relationships with everybody I work with, as well as consider good ideas.


I don't just sell art, I sell my ideas! Rest assured, you will have a great experience working with me.

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